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Our Mission

Childline will reach out to every child in need and ensure their rights and protection through the 4 Cs. (i) Connect through technology to reach the 'last mile'. (ii) Catalyse system through active advocacy. (iii) Collaborate through integrated efforts between children, the district, civil society, corporate and community to build a child friendly social order. (iv) Communicate to make child protection everybody's priority.

Our Vision

A Child friendly nation that guarantees the rights and protection of all children

Awareness and Outreach

Childline sensitizes the society regarding the violations, atrocities and protection of the children through the awareness and outreach programmes. Childline focuses more on the vulnerable areas such as the coastal belt, SC/ST colonies, and other areas such as:

a) Outreach at Government officials mainly among those connected with the project
b) CHILDLINE awareness among Women Police Cell, DCRB- District Crime Records Bureau, District Labour Officer, District SC Officer, District Probation Officer, ICDS Nodal Officer, Social Welfare Department, Tribal Development Officer, School Principals/ Managers
c) Politicians, Doctors, Hospitals
d) Railway stations, Bus stands, Auto Taxi Stands
e) Self Help Groups
f) Schools, Children's group
g) Balapanchayath, Balasaba
h) SHGs, Village communities
i) Coastal Areas


Open house is a platform to address the issues of children. Childline conducts open house with the help local administration members, ward members, Sub inspector of concerned area, School teachers, and parents etc. to address the issues of children and find solutions by the members present over there.

Most issues and problems mentioned by the children during open house:

a) Use of semi drugs b) Lack of study
c) Family problems
d) Poor school counseling facility
e) Economic crisis in the family
f) Problems with the step parents
g) Love affairs
h) Physical abuse
i) Shelter need
j) Child sexual abuse
k) Child labour
l) School drop out

k) Poor school counseling facility
l) Economic crisis in the family
m) Problems with the step parents
n) Love affairs
o) Physical Abuse
p) Shelter need
q) Child Sexual Abuse
r) Child labour
s) School drop out

CAB MEETING: Child Advisory Board is being conducted twice a year. It is carried out in the presence of the Collector and all other concerned authorities who mainly deal with issues of children.

COMMISSIONER OFFICE MEETING: It is being conducted once a month. It is being carried out in the presence of the commissioner and all other concerned authorities who mainly deal with issues of children.

The Childline could conduct a meeting in relation to 'Formation of Child Protection Committee (CPC) at Kollam Railway Station on Tuesday, 19th August. The sensitization is doing well in RPF. 1000 handbook copies of the new act i.e. JJ Act 2000 and POCSO Act 2012 were provided to all the stations both in English and Malayalam.