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Skilling India.

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To bridge digital, social and economic divide in India by significantly contributing to the development of the marginalized youth by enhancing the employability and life management skills.

Retail Management

Retail management is a subject that requires you to be fully aware of brands, marketing strategies, and retail philosophies behind winning the customer. Retail marketing takes place inside the store on the retail floor. It may consist of a variety of methods, including sales, sales associate suggestions and up-sell, interaction with specialized customer service professionals and membership discounts or store cards. All of these methods have one thing in common: They provide the customers with service and discounts that keep them coming back. The goal of all retail marketing is to create loyalty among the customer base, and that has several built-in advantages. Retail management pertains to the task of managing supermarkets and hypermarkets in strict business terms.The demand for floor personnel and retail managers is always high. This is primarily because the supermarkets and hypermarkets business is ever expanding. The educational requirement sometimes is limited to just a twelfth standard with pass marks! However, for students who have completed MBA in Retail management, the demand is more on the side of business research, market research, and pricing and strategizing perspective. The employees hired by retail companies are usually known as floor managers, floor executives, lobby managers etc. At a corporate level, they would be called sales managers or marketing managers.The retail systems in general are very colorful and exciting. Individuals pursuing a job in this industry get wide exposure and an opportunity to interact with different kinds of people.